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teensaft's Journal

Teens Against Forced Theology : The LJ Community
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Back in the days of middle school, a friend of mine and I came up with the idea of organizing a group of evolutionists or free-thinkers in general to stop the pressure of Christianity in schools. We called this group T.A.G. (teens against god).

Now, six years later, I understand that it is just as bad to be against a god as it is to be for one. But the feelings of pressure in religion have resurfaced, and many of you guys, I’m sure, feel it, too.

That is why I want to organized T.A.F.T. - Teens Against Forced Theology. This is a group open to anyone of any age and any religion, but should focus primarily on the burden of religion on teens in school and the real world. It is to show acceptance and tolerance of all religions as well as educating others on our own beliefs as humanists and free-thinkers.

If you would like to this idea and want to support by joining this group, please reply to this post with any feedback you’d like.

Thank you

:Gabi (President)